We are proud to offer you the best value in Home Security Systems

Whether you want just a basic burglar alarm, a system that includes fire protection, or a customized security solution that includes comprehensive features like remote video monitoring, and web based control, we can configure a system that fits your needs enough for every member of the family to operate, providing a level of simplicity and convenience you’ll really appreciate.

You may qualify for up to a 20% discount on your homeowner’s insurance when you install a monitored security system


Our sensors detect movement indoors and outdoors, listen for the sound of breaking glass to guard against intruders, protect valuables and more. They enhance the effectiveness of your security system and provide you with the complete, whole-house protection you need. You can also opt to receive alerts on your smartphone if motion is sensed in a protected area inside or outside—giving you the information you need to act quickly.

Access Control

Your home is far more than just simple shelter; providing a safe, peaceful place for your family to thrive is the most important investment. We provide Residential Access Solutions, We can design a fully customized solution for unparalleled access control to your home. The products are American made and engineered to pass stringent safety standard guidelines ensuring inexperienced users, children and pets are not harmed by the motion of gate operators, door access solutions or any other devices. From analyzing the lifestyle and habits of your family to assessing the layout of your property, we have an access control plan for any type of residence. We can provide a safe and accurate installation, as well as basic training to get you up to speed on your new system.


Help prevent disaster’s when they start Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements, these detectors can notify you when detecting floods, leaks and extreme temperatures—helping to minimize the risk of dangerous conditions and damages to your home and valuables.


Our pet friendly motion sensors can detect the difference between an intruder and your beloved pet—letting animals up to 100 lbs. move freely about your home without tripping an alarm.

Our solutions can even help ensure the safety, health and comfort of your pet—alerting you if smoke, carbon monoxide, flood or extreme temperatures have been detected, if outdoor gates are left open or if kitchen cabinets with dangerous chemicals are ajar. You can also view live video of your pet any time of day or get a text message, e-mail or video alert when your dog walker or pet sitter arrives or if they didn’t show up.


Wireless theft protection sensors can be affixed to any valuable in your home, and alert you when an attempt is made to move or disturb the object. Great for flat screen TVs, artwork, computers, antiques and more.




Families benefit quite strongly from installing a CCTV system. Families with young children appreciate the protective aspects of a security system. Adding a CCTV system to any home can help to shield the home against burglars, intruders, and other threats to security. Families sleep easier knowing that their home is safe from outside terrors. If the unexpected does happen, and an intruder breaks in, a recording of their facial features can help to identify them and recover stolen items.


You have extra eyes and extra ears. You are able to see through walls, from oceans away, in the dark, and without detection. You are able to perfectly remember and report happenings. Are you a superhero? No, although that is the image that comes to mind with the above scenario. You are simply an intelligent person who has taken the time an effort necessary to solve your security problems with a CCTV system. Installing a system can help to increase the protection of your home. Using a CCTV system can also mean knowing when security threats occur and being able to remedy situations quickly and remotely. No matter the type of system or the method by which it works, a CCTV system can be a great solution for aiding security.