The first step in helping you decide on a system is education and information sharing. We need to understand your wants and needs and dreams. At the same time, we want to give you information about how things work, what they do for you, and what they cost. It’s a process of discovery where we work to understand your expectations. Depending on the scope of your project, this meeting will take between one and three hours. If you’d like to meet with one of our designers to discuss your project, it’s a good idea to make an appointment to visit our showroom. He or she will set aside a block of time just for you. If you’d like to set up an appointment by email, click here

Establishing your system design goals

Once we’ve gained a clear understanding of your goals, we create a written overview of your system design. This document describes your entire system in plain English. It sets out what features and capabilities you’ll enjoy in each area, how you’ll be able to interact with the system, what the finished system will look like, and guide pricing for your consideration. If we’ve done a good job in our initial meeting with you – asking the right questions and listening to your answers – the Design Overview will articulate your goals for your system. We present this document in our second meeting with you. By talking through all the aspects of the Design Overview we’re able to validate our understanding of your expectations and make revisions as necessary. This meeting normally lasts less than an hour and can be done in our showroom or at your home or office.


Engaging us for detailed design of your system

At the end of our second meeting you’ll be asked to decide if you want us to prepare a detailed system design and proposal. Everything up to this point costs you nothing. But our design and technical team will spend lots of time creating the drawings and schematics, task and equipment lists that are needed to determine exact costs and ensure that the system we propose will function perfectly and be reliable. If you choose to engage J&J Multiservice to prepare a detailed design and documentation package, you’ll be asked to sign our Design Agreement and pay a design fee. The fee is based upon a small percentage of the estimated cost of your system and will be credited to your account if you decide to have J&J Multiservice install the system. But whether or not you choose J&J Multiservice, the design documentation is yours to keep and use as you wish.


Creating the detailed design documentation and costs for your system

Your System Designer will work with members of our staff to turn your Design Overview into a set of documents that describe the equipment that will be used, how and where it will be installed in your home or office, the user interfaces and programming required to make the system easy to operate, and schematic drawings for the wiring. Depending on your system, the documentation package may include cabinet drawings and marked up drawings of your home that help other trades understand our work. This process usually takes five to ten days depending on the scope and complexity of your project. When it’s done, your System Designer will schedule a meeting to present it you for review. This meeting normally lasts one to two hours and can be done in our showroom or at your home or office.


Your sign-off on your detailed Design and Proposal

After we’ve discussed your Design and Proposal and made any necessary revisions, we’ll ask you to sign a formal Project Agreement. This step in the process is easy. We don’t use long involved contracts written by our lawyers. Our Agreement is simple. The Agreement sets out your payment schedule and the terms of J&JMultiservices Warranty. But most important, you’ll be asked to sign-off each page of your Proposal that describes what we plan for each room in you home or office. Doing that tells us that our Design has accurately captured your expectations. It’s a critical part of our process. By signing-off on the Design and Proposal, you’re telling us to share this information with our entire team, and details of the Design will drive all of our subsequent work on you project.


Turning the plans into reality

The Project Agreement and your initial deposit gets your project underway. Scheduling, ordering, and expediting the equipment for your project are the responsibility of our Operations Manager. If you have questions about the status of equipment planned for your project, you can contact our OPS Manager at Planning, scheduling, and supervising the installation of your project are the responsibility of J&J multiservice In-Home / In Office Services Manager. If you have questions about the schedule of field activity for your project, you can contact our In-Home / In Office Services Manager at During this phase, your project is driven by our OPS and IHS managers. But your system Designer stays ‘in the loop’ through routine updates from the field. If you have questions about your system design or want to discuss changes, your System Designer is there to assist you.


Making sure everything is just right

Throughout your project, a series of quality assurance checks are made. These are reviewed at the completion of each installation phase. As the final equipment installation and calibration takes place, an exhaustive Quality Assurance Checklist is filled out by the lead installer on your project. If any aspect of your project is incomplete or unsatisfactory, a Punch List is created and corrective action is scheduled and performed by our field technicians. When all our QA checks and Punch List items are completed, your System Designer is notified that the project is complete. He or she will contact you to schedule a completion and hand-over meeting.


Making sure it really is easy to use

We pride ourselves on designing systems that are easy to use. But because most people have had plenty of frustrating experiences with electronics, a lot of our training time is spent explaining what you don’t have to do! When our In-Home / In Office Services Manager contacts you to schedule your final equipment installation, he’ll also schedule a time that’s convenient for you to meet with our Trainer. Usually this is the day of or a day or two after the final installation and it usually lasts two hours. You and your family members will be shown how everything works and he’ll stay until you’re comfortable operating all the parts of your new system.