Radio / Video Intercom Systems

Radio Intercom sound systems Now with Video you can see who is at the front door, the master can even display other videos sources such as cctv cameras or TV from your set top box or Radio Intercom with Out Video – with a high-performance mono system for music combined with crystal-clear voice communication functions – to keep your family in tune and in touch. Full clock radio functions allow you to wake-up or go-to-sleep to music. With 30 watts of power to drive up to 15 room speakers and 3 door speakers, you can sample 16 preset radio stations (8 AM and 8 FM) plus adjust the music with separate bass and treble controls. You also get full security functions to check who’s at the door or monitor areas inside or outside your home, and have hands-free communication from all remote stations.

Now you can fill your home or patio with an add-on module which offers music playback and adds wireless streaming capability from smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled music/audio streaming products or with more than seven hours of music from your favorite CDs – without reloading. This is the only completely built-in multi-CD player on the market featuring a pull-out magazine that holds up to six discs. You can even keep extra magazines handy for virtually endless hours of uninterrupted play. Imagine every feature you would want in a high-end CD player, including remote control track selection from room stations and an optional RF hand-held remote control that allows you to direct most major functions from anywhere in your home

Central Vaccum Systems

A Central Vacuum is not very expensive and gives you a lot in return. They are very powerful and yet so quiet, as well as versatile & convenient. They don’t throw dust back into the room you’re cleaning and are easy to maintain. Central Vacs also increase the value of your home.

It adds up to this: You can enjoy a cleaner, healthier home and spend less time cleaning, or you can buy a bulky, noisy, hard-to-store portable that spews dust, pollen and bacteria through the living areas of your home.

Moving from one area to another is a breeze. Stairs are easily maneuvered without the canister to haul around. Quickly dusting in high places is a snap. There are fewer chips, scrapes, and scratches on your furniture. The cleaning hose is 30-foot long, and is made of lightweight plastic. It glides easily behind you, and can be walked upon, tied in a knot or otherwise misused, but will immediately resume its original shape. With this hose, you can clean a 60-foot diameter area, which is typically two to four rooms, from one inlet valve located in a hallway or near a doorway.

See who’s there, from anywhere.

With wide angled HD video, smart motion detection, and cloud recording, it’s like you’re home even when you’re not.

Video Doorbells provide a new level of security, by notifying you when someone is on your property and letting you see and speak with anyone at your front door. Imagine being home alone at night, and answering the door in complete safety and comfort.

Over 1 million burglaries occur just in the United States each year during daytime hours, when homes are usually unoccupied. Being home is often enough to deter a potential burglar.

Whereas traditional security systems activate once a break-in has occurred, the Video Doorbell is designed to help you prevent a break-in from taking place at all. Answer the door from anywhere. With Video Door Bell, you’re always home